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Loading & Unloading 



Loading and
Unloading System

Our Cutlite Penta loading system is a state-of-the-art suction cup lifting

unit mounted on a carriage that travels from a loading station to the laser table,
equipped with two electric rear axes driven by absolute transducers.
It can be paired with either of our Storage Warehouses, the DCS or DFS systems.

The metal loading and unloading framework is positioned above the laser pallet changer at 90° or in line with the pallet changer. Blank material is stored on a fixed shelf, and a “homing” area for the motorized carriage is located above the shelf of the material to be cut.


The carriage, equipped with powerful suction cups, moves vertically to pick up the blank material and deliver it to the work table. After cutting, the shuttle collects the cut material in a tray while delivering the next sheet of blank material, then returns to the homing area.


The system is also equipped with air blast nozzles and wire brushes. The fork unloader is driven by two axes controlled by absolute transducers which enable them to be lifted and inserted into the laser table beneath the sheet of metal that has been cut.  On request, the forks can be coated with anti-scratch material to protect your source material. A third motor allows the entire system to be moved “out of the footprint” so that the table area is safe from suspended loads in the event of manual loading.

Dynamic & Highly Functional

Storage warehouses

Both the DCS and DFS systems are controlled by supervisory software that features a simple, intuitive operator interface. This manages the quantities and details of the material in order to ensure the optimal control of available stocks.
Both loading and unloading device and automatic warehouse are equipped with all active and passive safety systems.

Storage warehouses

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 8.04.42 AM.png

Dynamic Compact Storage - DCS

Highly functional, vertical storage system with varying numbers of trays. The warehouse framework, which contains the trays, is positioned above the pallet changer, such that the footprint of the framework is masked by the pallet changer. The trays are handled by a highly dynamic shuttle. The framework contains loading units for both metal sheets to be processed and processed ones.

Dynamic Flexible 
Storage - DFS

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 11.44.48 PM.png

The automatic sheet metal loading/unloading system can be connected to an automatic storage warehouse to provide greater autonomy and optimize cutting schedules.


The warehouse is designed and constructed according to specific production requirements and in relation to the space available for installation, with the total number of loading units determined according to the height of the area in which it is installed.

This system allows both storage of sheets to be processed and the storage of cut material in removable cradles equipped with insertion docks for forklifts. Option of including one or more storage towers.

Choose the Cutlite Penta laser solution that best meets your business requirements.

Our team of experts provide consultations, cost analysis, solution proposals, quotes, and more!

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