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Laser cutting has never been

so easy & precise

Smart Manager 6

Smart Manager 6

Simple and intuitive front-end software, redesigned to provide even more options to take full advantage of all that our laser systems can do. Our software is designed for compatibility with most CAD/CAM software and simplifies even the most complex cutting configurations. Laser cutting has never been so easy with our proprietary interface, Smart Manager 6.


Recent innovations include: 

  • Auto plate edge acquisition

  • Scheduling

  • Cutting Lost

  • Fast Piercing

  • Smart Focus

  • Auto Power Off

  • Raster Module

Simple & intuitive

cutting-edge front-end software

completely customizable

Smart Composer

Smart Composer

Cutlite Penta has developed new proprietary software that interfaces with the control panel of the laser and the front-end Smart Manager software. Smart Composer allows the user to modify previously created nesting, adding and removing patterns, and the ability to manage lead-ins/lead-outs.  In addition, Smart Composer reduces the time for designing and optimizing the sheet, cutting down production costs.

Highlights include:

  • Image film management

  • Geometric entities

  • Profile Testing for Imported Profiles

  • RASTER images module

  • Fiducial markers for Plane Alignment

  • Heat Minimization

  • Smart Composer Camera

  • Film cutting management

  • Micro-joints

  • Simulator

  • Fly cut

Choose the Cutlite Penta laser solution that best meets your business requirements.

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