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Section 179 Sales Special, Fiber lasers with 


by end of 2023

take deduction against your 2023 taxable income!*

Fiber Plus Lasers

We have three Fiber Plus premier laser cutting systems in stock and ready for installation by year end! Check out our most efficient model in action and scroll to see for yourself.

3 Fiber Plus Lasers in Stock 

and going fast!

Take advantage of special year-end tax offer*

4020 30Kw 
Fiber Plus Laser

Combining the best linear motors available on the market with the best fiber laser sources results in high dimensional accuracy when cutting carbon steel and stainless steel.


6030 30Kw
Fiber Plus Laser
with bevel head!

Cutlite Penta’s optional Bevel Head component allows the Penta Evo 3 head to rotate by + or - 45°. The bevel head is a lightweight, space-saving solution that enables you to carry out your cutting jobs without sacrificing quality or time.


4020 12Kw 
Fiber Plus Laser

Fiber laser sources provide extensive versatility and make it possible to cut a variety of types of metal. Developed as a single system, our source can be paired with a wide variety of optical fiber diameters. High efficiency, excellent beam quality, and low power consumption are all hallmarks of our source.


Has your plasma died?

Get more speed, reliability, and performance for your metal cutting division with a Cutlite Penta Fiber Laser.



and take the deduction against your 2023 taxable income.*

ACT NOW! These 3 machines will not last long!

*Contact your tax advisor for qualifications and eligibility. Cutlite Penta America is not a tax advisor nor do we accept responsibility for advice or representations.*

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