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Fiber laser systems for fabrication

efficiency & width compensation

High-performance laser machines tailored for fabricators!

Cutlite Penta offers high-technology solutions for metal fabricators with fiber laser machines for cutting metal with power up to 30 kW and very high-quality processing. Research in high performance technology has allowed the development of fiber laser machines for every manufacturing need - from laser cutting of large-sized surfaces to 5-axis processing in space.

Low maintenance costs and power consumption efficiency of our fiber laser system makes this solution extremely cost effective from both an economic and environmental point of view.


The PLUS system, our premier laser cutting system, produces high speed performance, high quality cuts, and low operating costs.  Our most efficient system can be equipped with a bevel cutting head, and laser sources up to 30kW.
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Exact cutting & unbeatable time savings

The Cutlite Penta laser systems for fabrication guarantees a perfect finish without the need for secondary processing; our technical team has designed a high-performance cutting head with excellent results in both stainless steel, aluminum, and iron processing.

High speed table changes coupled with the user-friendliness of the Cutlite Penta PLUS system streamlines processing times, resulting in a smoother manufacturing cycle.

All Cutlite Penta fiber laser systems use linear motors that require little maintenance and low operating costs. That is the reason why we can offer our customers an unparalleled price-quality ratio in this sector.

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Custom laser for your Company

The best possible choice in terms of high performance, structural integrity, and high efficiency for both flat, tubular, or combo laser cutting.

Harness up to 40 kW of laser power, while guaranteeing efficiency and reliability even with the most complicated jobs and cuts.

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Fiber laser sources with up to 30 kW power do not require any maintenance

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In-house designed and developed proprietary EVO3 cutting head

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Gas consumption reduction up to 35 % compared with competitors

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Extraordinary cutting quality & very fast piercing process (<\= 1 sec 20 mm Fe)

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Reduced compact layout installed in 2 days

Proprietary, user-friendly and intuitive CNC and front-end software

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Machine handling by means of linear motors

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The fastest automatic table change in the market

Customize systems allowing both flat and tubular sheet metal (PLUS Tube)

Choose the Cutlite Penta laser solution that best meets the demands of your business.

Our team of experts provide consultations, cost analysis, solution proposals, quotes, and more!

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