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Fiber lasers up to 30 kW

Linear Cutting

Efficient & Precise


for a variety of thicknesses

The highest quality
Italian innovation

Cutlite Penta designs, manufactures, and distributes worldwide high-tech systems for metal fiber laser cutting with exceptional performance and competitive pricing. Over 30 years of experience in the sector and the know-how of our skilled technical team led us to creating the first laser cutting head in Italy and Europe capable of supporting power up to 30 kW.  Cutlite Penta leads the fiber laser cutting market with high quality and high powered systems – and guarantees your results. 

Whether it's a linear, tube, or combo cutting machine, each model is custom designed and engineered in Italy with the latest technology and user-friendly software.

Solutions for all your
metal cutting needs

Our laser systems are equipped with the most advanced technology available in the metal cutting industry:  up to 30 kW powered fiber laser sources combined with an in-house Italian designed fiber laser autofocus cutting head, the Penta EVO 3, to provide the highest levels of dimensional accuracy in cutting both carbon and stainless steels.

In fact, we are so confident in the Penta EVO 3 cutting head, your results are guaranteed for speed, efficiency and handling for up to 50 mm thickness. Whether you are primarily cutting sheets or creating ornamental shapes, we can build your perfect laser.


Lead your industry

Until now, cutting metal with carbon dioxide and fiber laser technology has been limited primarily to the automotive and aviation industry business sectors.  Now, Cutlite Penta designs and builds high-performance laser systems at affordable prices for metal cutting - in any industry.  

For more information on how our systems can revolutionize
your industry, send us a message. 

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