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The PLUS  system is our premier laser cutting system providing high speed
performance, high quality, and low operating costs.  Our most efficient system.  


TO 30 kW

WORKING AREA UP TO 15000 × 3000 MM

Combining the best linear motors available on the market with the best fiber laser sources results in high dimensional accuracy when cutting carbon steel and stainless steel. Cutlite Penta’s EVO3 Cutting Head allows higher pressure cuts with less nitrogen than our competitors. 

The PLUS system with 30 kW source can cut:
16mm stainless steel using 5 bars of Nitrogen
20mm stainless steel using 6 bars of Nitrogen
30mm stainless steel using 7 bars of Nitrogen

EVO 3 Head

Our Fiber PLUS system uses the Penta Evo 3 autofocusing cutting head. Equipped with a contact-free capacitive sensor, it is designed in-house by Cutlite Penta's R&D department, and manufactured to the highest engineering standards. 

The capacitive head and focusing lenses can be used with up to
40 kW laser power and a pressure of 25 bar.


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The Epitome of Efficiency

The FIBER PLUS laser system combines high quality and productivity, while maintaining low operating costs.

 Meticulous engineering guarantees ease of use, while providing the best fiber laser source on the market to achieve the highest levels of dimensional accuracy in cutting both carbon and stainless steel.

In conjunction with the top of the line optical path and latest technology, FIBER PLUS is a simple and efficient system, providing repeatable and dependable results.


Our Laser Sources

Fiber laser sources provide extensive versatility and make it possible to cut a variety of types of metal. Developed as a single system, our source can be paired with a wide variety of optical fiber diameters. High efficiency, excellent beam quality, and low power consumption are all hallmarks of our source.

The source is housed in a NEMA 12 cabinet which is air conditioned and sealed so that it can operate even in the harshest of conditions. The high degree of reliability of these sources also ensures particularly low maintenance costs.

Loading | Unloading | Storage

Cutlite Penta can fully automate your metal cutting operation by customizing your laser cutting system, reducing loading and unloading times. Available automatic step or automatic bundle loaders work seamlessly with our laser cutters and our optional compact or flexible warehouse storage systems.  For even more customization, we offer fully automated loading and unloading systems that are positioned above the laser pallet changer at either 90° or in-line with the pallet changer.  

Bevel Head

Cutlite Penta’s optional Bevel Head component allows the Penta Evo 3 head to rotate by + or - 45°.
The bevel head is a lightweight, space saving solution that enables you to carry out your cutting jobs without sacrificing quality or time. Innovative software developed by our engineers makes it easy to switch between flat and bevel cuts.



Simple and intuitive cutting-edge front-end software, designed to guarantee the highest level of versatility and customizationLaser cutting has never been so easy.



The base is an electro-welded steel frame machined to accommodate the high-precision guides and linear motors.

 The gantry frame is made up of cast aluminum alloy tables to which a steel beam is anchored, making it light and stiff enough to compensate for thermal expansion without deformation.

The worktable is divided into two modular sections, each approximately 500mm long, which direct the offcuts to the corresponding collection systems beneath the frame.  Each section is equipped with two suction ports that are switched automatically following the cutting path.

The work piece is supported by a grid assembled from replaceable components.  The FIBER PLUS system is pre-programmed to cut a new grid, with adjustable settings for spacing and material used.

Hardware Solutions


Automatic Nozzle Replacement

Automatic nozzle replacement is an option whereby the machine automatically changes the cutting head nozzle with no need for operator involvement.



A fixed position camera that enables remote monitoring and viewing of the machine while in operation.

Two-level Worktable Changeover

Allows table to be changed in approximately 15 seconds, greatly decreasing loading and unloading times – the fiber plus system is the fastest on the market today.

Arrow and incline-01.png

Pallet lift changeover

The loading / unloading system with pallet exchanger (dual pallet shuttle) is designed for quick and easy pallet exchanges of up to 500Kg/M2 (102.4 lbs/Sq Ft) of sheet per pallet.  Table Size 4025 mm x 2025 mm (158.4” x 79.7”).  Total plate weight capacity 3,140 Kg (6,908 lbs)

Pallet lift changeover

This optional extra allows optimisation of processing times by reducing loading and unloading times of the sheet metal.


This option allows optimization of processing times, significantly reducing loading and unloading times.


This option allows optimisation of processing times, almost entirely masking loading and unloading times.




Technical Features

Items in Red require a custom order quote.

*Variable z-axis travel as required

Choose the Cutlite Penta laser solution that best meets your business requirements.

Our team of experts provide consultations, cost analysis, solution proposals, quotes, and more!

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